Marketing Benchmarks that make sense

When I first started in marketing I wanted to know how well my Facebook ads were performing.Naturally, I googled "What is a good CPC for Facebook ads".The result? All I found was an article published 8 months earlier listing out some benchmarks for some industries that didn't even really apply to me.That was over 6 years ago, and the technology hasn't changed.In our algorithmically driven world, CPC, CTR, and CPMs don't change once per year,
they change every day.
You deserve a tool that gives you the data you need when you need it.

Enter Adium

By connecting your Google and Facebook account, we'll show you exactly where your ads stack up against other advertisers in your industry and budget range.

It's free to use and takes 15 seconds to set up.

It might save you from working with a bad agency.
Or help you get promoted.
Or save you thousands of dollars on advertising that isn't performing.